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Now Taking Reservations For “Noon” Years Eve Brunch 10am to 2pm

We Will Be Closed At Night On New Years Eve


After a long day of standing and golfing out in the hot sun, nothing is better than a cold drink and a warm meal. The restaurant at Seven Lakes is dedicated to providing you with a perfect place to cool down and talk with your family and friends, or just simply watch the game on one of our many HDTVs.

This is the perfect place to refuel after a long game, or take the family out for a nice dinner. From steak to pizza, our amazing cooks have the culinary expertise to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. We have specials seven days a week, so stop in today and see what we can make for you!


  • Tuesday through Thursday – 4:30 to 9:00: All-U-Can-Eat Pizza $8.00 per person
  • Friday – 4:30 to 9:00: Friday fish fry and specials
  • Saturday – 4:30 to 9:00: Steak specials
  • Sunday – 10:00 to 1:00: Sunday Brunch, $13.00 adults, kids under 12 – $.90 per year



Driving Range

Start off your visit to the course with these appetizers

Hand Wrapped Mozzarella Sticks $4.50
French Fries $2.75
Sour Cream Fries $3.50
Cheese Curds $4.00
White Cheddar Curds $4.00
Battered Onion Rings $3.75
Sweet Potato Fries $3.25
Mini Tacos $3.75
Garlic Bread $3.50
W/Cheese $4.00
Wings (8) Regular $6.00
Wings (8) Buffalo $6.50
Boneless Wing Regular $6.50
Boneless Wings Buffalo $7.00
Bavarian Pretzel Sticks with Nacho Cheese 3/$5 or 5/$7


Available Sauces – BBQ, Honey Mustard, Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Sour Cream, Salsa & Marinara

The Bunker

Whether a snack or a meal these are great tastes!

Chicken Strips $6.50
8oz breaded strips with choice of sauce Add fries $1.50
 Make Them Buffalo Strips $7.50
Popcorn Shrimp $7.50
Breaded shrimp w/fries, slaw and cocktail sauce
Beer Battered Shrimp $8.50
Battered shrimp, fries, slaw and cocktail sauce



Our great soups and sides for any meal

French Onion Soup Cup $2.75, Bowl $3.50
Add Cheese $.50
Soup of the Day Cup $2.75 ,Bowl $3.50
Chili Cup $2.75, Bowl $3.50
Side Salad $3.00
Chicken Salad Half $5.50, Full $7.50 (Cajun add .50)
Soup and Salad Bar $6.25 (weekends only)
Add Salad Bar to Sandwich  $3.25 (weekends only)


Par for the Course

Black Angus USDA beef cooked to order. Try your burger on Texas Toast for No Charge! Choice of Fries, Homemade Chips or Coleslaw. Upgrade your side to Sour Cream Fries, Sweet Potato Fries, Battered Onion Rings or Soup for $0.75  Available chesses – American, Cheddar, Swiss or Pepper Jack.

 1/4# 1/2#
Classic Burger $6.00 $7.50
Classic Cheese Burger (Choice of Cheese) $6.25 $8.00
Gourmet Cheeseburger
Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Pickles, Onions and Mayo $6.50 $8.50
Bacon Cheese Burger $6.50 $8.50
Mushroom and Swiss Burger $6.50 $8.50
Sautéed Mushrooms and Swiss Cheese
Jalapeno Cheese Burger $6.50 $8.50
Grilled Jalapenos and Pepper Jack Cheese
Pizza Burger $8.00
Stuffed with Mozzarella Cheese and Pizza Sauce on Side



All sandwiches served with Choice of Fries, Homemade Chips or Coleslaw
Upgrade to Sour Cream Fries, Sweet Potato Fries, Battered Onion Rings or Soup for $0.75

Chicken Club $8.00
6oz charbroiled breast filet with Bacon, Swiss, Lettuce, Tomato & Mayo
Cajun Chicken $7.75
6oz charbroiled breast filet with Cajun Seasoning, Pepper Jack Cheese & Spicy Mayo
Charbroiled Chicken $7.50
6oz charbroiled breast filet with Lettuce, Tomato & Mayo
Chicken Philly $9.00
Charbroiled sliced filet with Sautéed Mushrooms, Onions, Peppers , Swiss Cheese. Served on a Hoagie
Chicken Bacon Cheddar $8.50
Charbroiled chicken filet with Bacon, Cheddar Cheese, Mayo. Served on Texas Toast
Chicken Bacon Wrap $8.00
6oz filet sliced with Bacon, Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato & Ranch. Rolled in a Flour Tortilla
Chicken Tender Wrap $7.50
Breaded Chicken Tenders, Lettuce, Tomato, Cheese & Ranch. Rolled in a Flour Tortilla Buffalo $8.00
Chicken Fajita Wrap $8.00
Grilled Chicken, Onions, Peppers & Tomato. Rolled in a Flour Tortilla Served with Sour Cream and Salsa



All sandwiches served with Fries, Homemade Chips or Coleslaw.
Upgrade to Sour Cream Fries, Sweet Potato Fries, Battered Onion Rings or Soup for $0.75

Beef Brisket

Steak Supreme $9.50
10oz Chopped Tenderloin with Mushrooms, Onions & Two Cheeses
Philly Steak $9.00
Steak Slices with Sautéed Mushrooms, Onions, Peppers with Swiss Cheese. Served on a Hoagie.
Fireman’s Ribeye $9.50
6oz Ribeye Steak cooked to order with Sautéed Onions and Butter
Tenderloin Sandwich $9.95
4-5oz Tenderloin cooked to order
Ham & Cheese $7.50
6oz Shaved Ham with Swiss Cheese
7 Lakes Fish Sandwich $7.75
Battered Halibut Filet with Lettuce & Tartar Sauce (served on side) w/Cheese $8.00
French Dip $8.00
6oz of Shaved Roast Beef with  Swiss Cheese. Served on a Hoagie with Aus Jus
Lucky 7 Rueben $8.50
Corned Beef, Kraut and Swiss. Served on Marble Rye with 1,000 Island Dressing on side
Patty Melt $7.75
Our Burger served on Marble Rye with Grilled Onions and Swiss Cheese
Roast Beef Melt $8.50
Shaved Roast Beef with Sautéed Mushrooms and Swiss Cheese. Served on Texas Toast with Aus Jus
Ultimate Grilled Cheese $7.00
Served on Texas Toast with Loads of American Cheese


Hole in One

Served Friday through Sunday
All Dinner Include: Soup & Salad Bar and Choice of Potato
Add (4) fantail shrimp to any dinner for $3.50

Great Steaks!
18oz Porterhouse Steak
Rich Flavor of Strip Steak with Tenderness of the Filet $26.00
8oz Sirloin  $17.00
Baseball Cut Firm Texture and Full-Bodied Flavor
Tenderloin 5oz   $16.00
Local Favorite cooked to order and seasoned perfectly 10oz $23.00
Ribeye 12oz $19.00
A cut above, cooked to order and juicy! 16oz $23.00
Braunie Special $13.00
8oz chopped sirloin with onions, mushrooms, bacon and cheese
Barbecued Ribs ½ rack $14.00
Baby back OH BABY! With our special sauce Full $19.00
Porterhouse Pork Chops 1 chop  $13.00
Delicious 12oz chops available either grilled or broasted 2 chops $19.00
Broasted Chicken ¼ Chicken $9.00
If the Colonel had this recipe, he would be a General! *All White or Dark Meat Add $1.00* ½ Chicken $11.00
Combo – Half Rack Ribs & 2pc Broasted Chicken $16.00


Food from the 7-seas (lakes)

Many of our fish options arrive fresh and are hand prepared for your order!

Fantail Shrimp $13.00
Lightly breaded and fried or grilled skewers
Stuffed Shrimp – 3 Pieces $13.00
Breaded with crab and cheese
Baked Salmon $16.00
8oz seasoned salmon filet
Baked Tilapia $13.00
8oz Filet seasoned just right! Try it Cajun for .50 extra
Lake Perch Market Price
Freshly breaded onsite! While supplies last
Walleye Pike Market Price
Freshly breaded onsite or Pan Fried. While supplies last
Mock Lobster 8oz   $13.00
Oven-baked haddock. Fresh butter and seasoning 12oz $16.00
Battered Cod (Beer Battered and Fried) $12.00


The 19th Hole

After a great meal how about something sweet??
Serving cheesecakes, pies, cakes and frozen drinks!
Ask your server for details


Homemade ‘Za’!

Our pizza has been voted best in the country!
Tuesday through Thursday 4:30 to 9:00pm
All-U-Can-Eat – $8.00 per person / Ranch Cups $0.25 per cup

10″ 12″ 14″ 16″
Traditional Cheese $6.00 $8.00 $11.00 $13.00
Extra Toppings or Thick Crust $0.75 $1.00 $1.25 $1.50
The Deluxe $9.50 $12.50 $15.50 $18.50
Choice of 2 meats plus mushrooms, black olives,
green peppers and onions
Braunie Special $9.50 $12.50 $15.50 $18.50
Pepperoni, sausage, gr. beef, onions,
mushrooms and green peppers
Bacon Cheese Burger $8.50 $11.50 $14.50 $17.50
Ground beef, bacon and onions
The German $8.50 $11.50 $14.50 $17.50
Smoked ham and sauerkraut
The Hawaiian $9.00 $12.00 $15.00 $18.00
Ham, pineapple, green peppers and onions
The Vegetarian $8.50 $11.50 $14.50 $17.50
Fresh Mushrooms, black olives green peppers
and red onions
The Sicilian $9.50 $12.50 $15.50 $18.50
Garlic butter, Italian sausage, fresh
mushrooms and red onions
California Chicken $9.50 $12.50 $15.50 $18.50
Garlic butter, chicken, fresh mushrooms
and bacon



The Ultimate ‘Za’!

These are the best of the best!!
Please note these pizzas are NOT eligible for All-U-Can-Eat

10″ 12″ 14″ 16″
Your Choice $11.00 $15.00 $19.00 $21.00
The Ultimate Meat Lovers
Pepperoni, Italian sausage, Canadian bacon,
bacon, ground beef
The Ultimate Deli
A golf cart full of everything we have!
Five meats and four veggies
Our Ingredients:
Meats: Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Ham, Canadian Bacon, Bacon, Ground Beef
Veggies: Black Olives, Canned Mushrooms, Fresh Mushrooms, Onions, Red Onions, Green Peppers, Sauerkraut, Jalapeno and Tomato


Little Putters

Available for children 11 and under

Chicken Strips, Mini Corndogs, Battered Cod,
Burgers, Mac and Cheese
Your choice $5.50
Includes fries and kids soda or milk